Sartoria - London, UK

How Do You Overcome the Challenges of Talent Shortage?

Businesses are facing a digital talent shortage and anticipate greater dependence on service providers while upskilling their in-house teams. The lack of necessary digital skills can negatively impact revenue and business growth to deliver the business' digital transformation agenda. 

As a result, businesses are revisiting their service delivery location strategy. At the same time, planning disaster alleviation due to the increase in attrition, cost of human resources and finding the right talents with digital mindsets. 

Join FPT Corporation dinner to learn how robust continuity can be achieved through geographical diversification to restore the balance between locations and/or providers.    

Key Takeaways: 
  • Insights to talent development and digital upskilling 
  • Ways to strengthen global services strategies 
  • Drive business values through geographical diversification



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